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Images from around Sanna Bay, Ardnamurchan.

Sanna Bay is a small crofting area and is the most westerly point in mainland Britain. Pure creamy white sands and greeny blue water. A stunning area with rocks and sand dunes around the beautiful beaches.
Sanna Bay to PortuairkLamb on Sanna BeachAqua waters at Sanna Bay 2Sanna Beach 4Last house at Sanna BayDusk over EiggAqua waters at Sanna Beach 3Sunset from Sanna BayRocky coveAqua waters at Sanna BeachSanna Bay 5Aqua waters at Sanna Beach 2View to PortuairkThe sands of Sanna BayElwyns footprints in the sandDusk over RumDusk over Barra and UistDusk from Sanna BayAqua waters at Sanna BayAqua waters at Sanna Bay 1