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Photos from and of the second high rise flat to be demolished by Technical Demolition Services, 15 Ibroxholm Oval, Ibrox, Glasgow, Scotland

Thanks to David Pollock for getting permission to take me in and around all of the flats and onto the roof of the high flat.

Photos include the graffiti in many of the flats, fire damage, dampness, detruction, broken glass and windows, wall paper and decor. The photos also include Technical Demolition staff at work on site and there are also views over the whole of Glasgow from the roof.
GladRoom with a viewpink bathroomDumper truckThe switch is offAmy's RoomElaine & JamieSorting the rubbleBumlifeSmoke weedThat waySmokin!BrokenCorridorParental AdvisoryMen at work 1ShatteredBalconyinternal stairssuspended