I am a Scottish female 'Landscape & Nature' Photographer, born in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been taking photographs since my early 20's when I was given my first Canon AE1 SLR, experimenting in developing black and white photographs confirmed my love of photography - 'Capturing that little moment in time and keeping it forever'© !!

Photography is a passion!! I love taking shots of sunsets/sunrises, landscape/scenery, the sea, flowers, trees, insects and animals and in general Scotland! The majority of my images have been taken in the South West of Scotland. I hope to provide a different and somewhat unique perspective on a very much ‘Undiscovered South West of Scotland’. Looking forward to exploring more of the rest of Scotland in the weeks, months and years to come, there are so many places still to visit.

Venturing towards Creative Photography and making unique images that have my own personal stamp on them, this is a work in progress!  This is a personal website not a business site!


All images belong to me solely and are Copyright protected.  Please do not use any image without expressly asking permission from myself.  Thank-you.

Karen Brodie

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